Major issue
Major issues and problems 0f– Banani Model Town

1) No further plot to be allotted in Banani by filling lakes and creating plot in open spaces.
2) No residential and commercial buildings to be more than 6 stories.
3) Traffic flow in Avenue be regulated to dilute traffic congestion, Gaps in road dividers at numbers of places and all right turn be closed.
4) Parallel parking in several spots in the Avenues may be allowed.
5) Controlled rickshaw movement on zoning concept.
6) All internal  roads be no-horn roads,
7) A separate Traffic zone to be created headed by the Asst, Commission of DMP.
8) All rest houses be closed
9) Police patrol  the area to curb the guy girls and eliminate drug trafficking,
10) Katcha Bazar at Banani Modernized and improved.
11) A few standard public toilets are constructed at convenient location.
12) Commercialization by RAJUK should be stopped.
13) Augmentation of water supply by WASA.
14) Beautify the Kamal Atartuk Avenues by community Participation. 


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