Membership Of the Banani Society

 Membership Of Banani Society

General Qualification
1. This Society shall be composed of persons who own a house/apartment in Banani or permanently reside in the area as a spouse or as immediate family member (son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law) but shall exclude minors and students and who shall pay admission fee in the bye-laws. Provided that no more than two persons can become members from any one house/apartment.
2. There shall be three categories of members:
i. Donors Members
ii. Life Members
iii. General/Associate Members
Donors Members – 
Any one qualified to apply for a membership of the Society, when his/her application is approved by the Executive Committee and minimum 1,00,000.00 ( one lac) on the date of application shall be called a Donor member. All those who adopted this Memorandum of Association by signing shall be regarded as Donors Members who shall pay Tk.1,00,000.00 as membership fee per person. The fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee at the first instance and thereafter by the general body of the Society.
Life Members – 
Any one qualifying for General Membership of the Society may become a Life member by paying at a time Taka 10,200.00 (taka ten thousand and two hundred only). This amount may be changed or re-fixed by the general body of the Society from time to time.
General/Associate Members – 
Any person residing in Banani for at least one year may apply for membership under this category on his payment of the admission fees and annual dues as specified in the previous article.  Such membership will remain valid subject to the rules of the Society for the period of his/her residence in Banani. General/Associate members shall not have any voting rights
Any person having the qualification of membership as prescribed in the preceding articles and desirous of becoming a member under any one of the above three categories shall apply to the President of Banani  Society in the prescribed form along with the specified admission fees and annual subscription and upon approval of the Executive Committee shall become a member of the Society in that category.


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